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You Are The Author Of Your Tale

May you find the magic you seek within. Your words have the power to transform your experience.
Explore the tools to create the transformation

For the seekers

  • Reconnecting to our power...

    Our natural worlds provide the connection and power that we need for our most powerful magic. Rediscover new and forgotten layers and write your Likely Tale.

  • Making only what is wanted...

    Almost every item in the store is made to order, especially for you. Not only does this reduce waste, but increases the magick!

    It might make for slightly longer shipping times, but sometimes slower is better.

  • Replenishing nature....

    I've partnered with Ecologi to plant trees with every order. For every $5 spent a tree is planted. You can learn more about the initiative here.

    Honoring nature with every order.

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