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Likely Tale

Likely Tarot Deck

Likely Tarot Deck

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The Likely Tarot is an exploration of the correspondences throughout the journey of the tarot

It is purpose-made for those looking to heal and ground themselves through plant and nature magick. 

Across history, geography, and cultures, plants have always held powerful folklore. They connect us to the power within ourselves through their stories, their energies, and their essence. They are the roots, reaching toward the skies.

By focusing on the correspondences throughout the Tarot - a new overlap and beauty emerge. It's an opportunity to view the Tarot in a new light. A new layer. A new connection with the world that surrounds us. 

The Likely Tarot helps us channel the energies of nature and provides us with a focusing connection. We can deepen our understanding of many of the common plants, herbs, foods, and trees that we surround ourselves with through the cards. Bringing their essence into our hearts and minds encourages us to seek them out and ground ourselves with them. We are brought back home.

Each card is presented with sigils for the individual card, and to note the corresponding majors. 

This 79-card deck has rose-gold edging and is made on 350 gsm stock for durability and ease of shuffling. The matte varnish finish allows the watercolor art to stand out. Also included is a 110-page guidebook with a few spreads to get you started.  All packaged with a flip-top box in matching finish and a special message inside. 

The dream of bringing this deck to life was made possible with the support of 203 incredible backers to a Kickstarter project, and the contributions of some incredible, magical souls. 

From my heart to yours - become the author of your Likely Tale. 


Special Note: This first edition of the deck is bound to become a collector's item. The was a small printing error and the Swords suit was labeled with two Queens. The artwork is different & correct though, and the deck is complete - so you can still read with the deck without issue! 

The decks ship with a corrected card, best suited as an altar card - packaged with a signed First-Printing Certificate of Authenticity (See photos) 

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