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Oleum Sanctum Ritual Oil

Oleum Sanctum Ritual Oil

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Limited, Seasonal batch item. When they are gone, they are gone until the next harvest season! 

This Oleum Sanctum Ritual Oil is a power oil specially formulated with intention and crafted from organic ingredients and steeped garden-grown herbs over two months and charged by sun and moon, and balanced by ritual. Bottled with citrine chips to enhance energy and clarity.

Transform your ritual practice with this holy oil to channel your personal magic. Step into your power. 

Ingredients: organic olive and coconut oil. Steeped garden-grown mugwort, basil, and lavender. Myrrh, vetiver, sage, and clove organic essential oils. 

Size: Available in large 1oz glass dropper bottles & pocket-sized 5ml roller bottles.   

Safety Note: Mugwort has uterine relaxant properties and should be considered not safe for pregnant women. This oil is skin safe, but we humans can be allergic to anything - please spot test before using broadly on the skin. 

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