About Likely Tale & The Artist

One huge dream come to life. 

Some of the biggest dreams are the ones we are afraid to say out loud. Likely Tale is born out of one such dream, combined the firm belief that we are all the authors of our own likely tales - perhaps, especially when that power is scary. You being here and reading this, breathes life into that dream.

Likely Tale is meant to be an artistic exploration into all the small and large, seemingly mundane things that bring magic into our lives. Everything is magical, it's all a matter of how we look at, and experience the world around us. Being the author of our own likely tales means that we, get to choose what lands on the page. We transmute experiences into something more with all of our actions, thoughts, and intentions. 

Let's craft something intentional together.


Meet Kate.

kate the creator behind likely tale  

Kate is the artist behind Likely Tale. She's spent a lifetime making, creating, drawing, writing, playing music, repurposing objects and so much more - a maker at the core. The art and story that she creates for Likely Tale is meant to uplift, augment and enhance the meaning we give to the mundane and the mind.  

She is creating witchcraft focused art, especially for witches (like herself) and is the author and illustrator behind the Likely Herbarium book to help with plant study and use. And later, the Likely Tarot deck - an exploration in plant and tarot correspondences. 

Join her on the journey to a dream come true.