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Likely Tale

Lily Of The Valley Stone Pendant

Lily Of The Valley Stone Pendant

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A beautiful handmade ceramic pendant with 101 uses. These kiln-fired pendants are pressed with a Lily of the Valley imprint right from the maker's property. 

The Sigil from the 22nd Major Arcana card, The Creator from the Likely Tarot deck is carved into the face. These two important symbols from the deck bring together the sovereignty that it is to become the Author of your tale, encouraging you to strike up the pen and weave your story.  Lily of the Valley is a plant ally that promotes communication, peace, and union of spirit - it's a plant that harkens happiness and connects the head and the heart, allowing the flow of spirit. 

The pendant makes an amazing aromatherapy stone - as the porous ceramic is happy to diffuse the scent you choose all day long. It makes a great adornment for the mirror in your car or simply worn around the neck. Your imagination is the only limit! 

This batch of pendants has an inscription on the back from the maker that simply reads, "Blessings."  The choice from there is yours. 

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