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Clair Visum - Divination Incense

Clair Visum - Divination Incense

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These hand-ground, hand-formed, garden-grown incense cones are a labour of love and devotion to our personal power.  Potent magic in a small package. 

Clair Visum is a unique mugwort-first blend meant to help enhance divination, intuition, and clear sight. 

Size: approx 9 pcs 2cmx2cm cone packaged in recyclable box

Ingredients: mugwort, lavender, mint, honey amber, sandalwood

Notes: the resin content does sometimes make for a 'wet burn'. Make sure to use protection ;) - I personally have a garden variety rock that I don't mind getting a little resin on, set in my fire-proof container.

These cones are intentionally made to burn hard & fast and gently linger with their scent.  Expect a 5-10 minute burn and 3-4 hour scent throw.   

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