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Likely Tale

Moon Pendulum

Moon Pendulum

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A handmade wire-wrapped pendulum to channel your inner knowing. 

These pendulums are made from copper, a beautiful conductor, and each contains Amethyst and Hematite stones in the moon handle. Hematite helps to ground the mind and activate the root, allowing for release of turbulent emotions, while Amethyst helps with psychic awareness and increases connection to spirit. 

The points are made of crystal quartz to focus you attention. These three stones come together to facilitate clear messages. 

The moon handle makes a perfect handle to rest the pendulum in on your finger. 

These moons are handmade by my sweet mother, who fills each one with love and attention.  They are packaged in recycled tissue paper and kraft paper pillow boxes to protect them during shipping and prevent any tangling on the dangle. 

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