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Likely Tale

The Likely Herbarium

The Likely Herbarium

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Please note:  The Herbariums are Printed to order.  They generally ship 7-10 business days after order.

The Likely Herbarium is a work of art and love. 

A fully illustrated book with over 100 plants and information on each, this book is one part magickal encyclopedia, and one part notebook and grimoire.  

Nature and plants are packed with magickal energies. The serenity you feel when stepping into a forest is a huge part of the connection we all have to our world’s magickal nature. 

This book is born from a love and passion for that magick. Structured to leave space for your journey, the goal is to spark curiosity about the natural world. This Likely Herbarium is begging for you to share your likely story within its pages. 

A likely story is any space where you create from your heart, into your world.  We are all writing our own likely stories, consciously and unconsciously. 

This book is merely a spark for you to find inspiration for your story. 

Scribble in the margins, take notes and leave recipes, spells, or place your favourite plants between the pages - this is your natural grimoire now. 

Find what works for you and run with it. Your magick awaits. 


The Likely Herbarium is an 8.5 X 11" black linen wrapped hardcover book,  with 216 full-colour pages.

Created with the environment in mind, this book is also made to order. This means that only what is wanted is created, there is no waste in the production of the Likely Herbarium. 

Because the book orders are sent to the printer as they happen, this does mean that shipping times will be a little longer than we may be used to with places like Amazon - but we feel that reducing the impact on the environment is not only keeping in spirit with the book itself, but necessary. 


If it looks like I can't ship to your location, please reach out and I'll look into it for you. 

Printing takes 7-10 business days so please allow some time after your order.   

 Looking forward to sharing this labour of love with you!🤍

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