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Likely Tale

King Of Swords Altar Card

King Of Swords Altar Card

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These King Of Swords cards are packaged with a Certificate of Authenticity, hand-signed. They are exclusive to the first print run of the Likely Tarot deck and were intended to be a replacement card for this same card labeled as Queen. 

They are slightly larger than the original deck. Each of the cards is hand cut. While this creates a high-quality, hand-crafted feel for the deck, it also creates a larger margin for error. After much back and forth, I’ve accepted that these replacement cards, and the symbolism, are what the universe is offering us.

There's beautiful poetry to this.

The King Of Swords is a card that is often a little misunderstood. Upon their throne, they seek a subtle balance. Sure, they are sharp-minded, they are thought of as a ruler of intellect. We often miss the invitation to intuition in this card - the softer side. The confidence to trust our minds, and to be open to intuitive messages. Playfully, it’s the practical application of the Creator card.

So perhaps, this deck more than others invites you to explore the softer side of this King. To worry less about labels and logic. To explore the depths of your own knowing even further - and to invite intuition to the table.

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