Crow Animal Spirit Print

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Crows are everywhere in literature and symbolism, and their meaning is varied across cultures and history.

Often, they have a connection with death, but not unlike the death card in tarot - this correspondence is oft misinterpreted. To some their connection with death is as the guides of souls to their resting place. To others, they are an omen.

They are crafty, intelligent and resourceful creatures with a keen and watchful eye.
They are symbols of wisdom.

If you've ever encountered a winter roost, it's a sight to behold. Near where I live, they'll fill the trees so thickly it almost turns the sky black. And if you pause you can hear them communicating and chatting back and forth, the sentinels always working the perimeter and sharing the sights.


These art pieces are 8”x 8”, printed on pro lustre paper, which offers a semi-sheen perfect for framing.  This archival quality paper is thick and brings out the lines in the drawings.

All pieces are signed when printed.  The sigil on the piece is made to represent the qualities of the animal.