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October 2020 Moonletter

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Welcome to the first of the Moonletters! 

Moonletters is a monthly newsletter filled with correspondence treats, meditations and musings on magickal opportunities and visits from amazing friends.  Something to bring us together and get us thinking.
Let's work with all that is available to us right now. 

Whether you’re the sort of person to place extra importance on Samhain, love Halloween, or are just not interested - there’s still plenty of fascinating things happening during this full moon. 

There are a couple of extra tidbits about this Samhain’s full moon to note. 

The Metonic cycle gives us a full moon on Samhain roughly every 19 years, but it’s an even longer cycle for it to be full in all time zones. This special, full for everyone moon hasn’t happened since 1944, making it an extra special rare treat. 
If you want to add together all the fancy names for this moon, it’s the Full Halloween Hunter’s Blue Moon - Peaking at 10:49 AM EDT 

The thinning of the veil. 

Samhain is a time to journey amongst the worlds.  To honour and commune with the ancestors and to travel through our shadows. To explore and see our inner depths, both higher and lower. Scorpio season extends this opportunity for us as well.   A time of healing and uncovering.

This year we are being presented with an opportunity.  We are being called to bring the dark into the light this time. The full hunter’s moon is gifting us with a proper healing and integrating opportunity.  

What will we choose to nourish this season?  What part of ourselves will we feed? Will we bring our whole selves- our entirety to the table?

Use this time of powerful and careful self-reflection.  See and integrate what we hold back on the other side of the veil.  Not merely the veil that separates life from death, but us from ourselves. It is time to dive deeper.

Where we would journey into the shadows into our deeper worlds, this moon is asking us to bring it back with us into the light and integrate it.  This one is an immersive experience. 

It is time to dive past the crossroads and unearth all that we have hidden away.  Time to bring it forth - to bring our power into being.  All that we have swept into the corners, packed away in fear or discomfort, it is time to bring it to light. With outstretched arms, straight spines, and firmly planted feet, we can stand tall and present with ourselves. 

Shine the light of this powerful October moon onto our shadows, onto ourselves and step forward with the entirety of our truths and being.

To transform - not into something else - but our complete, whole and powerful selves.

For some of us, this will be an energy-intensive journey, one that will not end in one night.  It can be unsettling and jarring, but here, we are protected, we are capable.  A journey of the heart always bears protection, as it is one we undertake with the utmost love. The energy of the ancestors, of the Hunter’s moon, is here to protect us further.  This worthwhile and meaningful journey is bathed in protective light. 

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to doing the work this week.

What a fun time for the veil to be thinning. 



Before we move on to correspondences, I have a special treat for you! 

One of my favourite humans has popped in with a special moon mantra for us, friends. 
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Full Moon Mantra

"I have unearthed the truth. There is no going back now. I have fallen a thousand times, but now I find the will to rise. A phoenix burning."

Go subscribe to Anthony's amazing newsletter for incredible mini-scopes and mantras.  The are the actual best. 


Special Correspondence Mind Map

For special celebrations and rituals, I like to start with a mind map of correspondences.  It helps to bring out the patterns and to select what I might need for my specific intent.  They are never meant to be exhaustive lists, but a brainstorm and starting point to feed into the process of building out my ritual.  

They always end up being rather simple.  A special cup of tea, a special bath, and a blended incense - a notebook and a candle. Rarely does the situation call for something elaborate. Rather, they are moments of time, carved out to ground and get clear. To do the work. 

So with those thoughts - here's the mind map I created for this Samhain.

 Samhain 2020 Correspondence map


A special Samhain Tea

Speaking of correspondences and teas...I have a special recipe to share with you.  This is one of my favourites for the kind of work mentioned for this full moon. It's a comforting, opening tea - be warned, it does tend to produce rather vivid dreams. 

Per cup of hot water:
1 tbsp mugwort
1 tsp lavender
1 tsp chamomile
A few drops of honey
One slice of lemon
and if it is available to you, 1-5mg of CBD for grounding
(fennel is a good substitute)

If tea is your thing - I have something special for you. 

 Moon Magick Ritual Teas

Moon Magick Ritual Teas

A special set of four ritual teas, made special for the key moon phases.  Magickal blends meant to help elevate and empower your workings.  

There are only 4 of these available!  Made special for newsletter subscribers. 

You'll want to check these out fast.



 Before we go - Another special shout out to an amazing maker. Hold Back the Veil Ritual Bath

Must share one of my absolute favourite things. This Ritual Bath from The Magick Makers, is absolutely amazing - and it is exactly what I was looking for, for my full moon ritual. The smell and colour in the jar is incredible, and the correspondences are absolutely perfect.

Highly recommend you go check it out in her shop (I'm not doing it enough justice here), Erin is amazing, and she's an exceptional channel for bringing the magick into your heart.


 I hope you enjoyed the first Moonletter. 

 Thank you for joining me on this wild ride.

There are more to come - leave a comment below and tell me what you'd like to see next, any feedback on this one, or just say hello. 

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Thank you so much, I really loved the letter and being fairly new to this all I am soaking up as much as I can get

Patty Burns (Moonshadow Sivia)

Looking forward to each letter!


Thank you so much for sharing this first Moonletter, it was exactly what I needed to see this morning. I am already looking forward to seeing the next one ✨💚✨
I would love to see maybe more herbal spell work, and maybe sachet work in letters to come. Love and light to you and yours ✨🌒🌕🌘✨ and be safe Brothers and Sisters 💚

Mark Sinclair

What a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning! Well done!!!

Bev Cormier

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