New Year, New Moon, New You - Moonletter January 2022

New Year, New Moon, New You - Moonletter January 2022

Welcome, seeker.

In light of the new year, I wanted to make this Moonletter extra special for you. Give something extra, to say thank you for all the amazing support and community you have all provided me.

Moonletters started as a way to share the exploration I do around correspondence and how I think about weaving things together, in hopes of helping others. It's my hope to really lean into this in the new year, and keep making these more valuable and helpful for you all. 

Let's begin!

If you dive into enough books and texts, there are definite similarities and patterns that come into play. Woven across time and culture and styles of practices, there are a thousand subtleties at play. To me, it’s one of the most beautiful examples of how our human brains are exceptional at weaving stories and seeing patterns.

Coming from the camp of “do what works for you,” let this be a disclaimer that nothing I say is prescriptive, merely an invitation to explore.

As a person with chronic health issues, I like to keep my rituals fairly low-key and plan for the possibility of being low energy on the day of. Usually, these are the spaces where the most important magic happens anyway, the mundane space. More often than not, my ritual will end up being some journaling, a bath, a meditation, and a small gathering of correspondences to work as allies. The ritual I've provided below, is a bit more elaborate than usual -- but it feels very necessary this year.

If you find yourself low energy this new moon, know that you only need an hour or two and a bit of quiet time to complete the ritual.  It doesn't need to be performative.  Do what you can, and don't pressure yourself. 

Prepare to explore

Having an intent in mind before exploring is ideal, as this gives a lens to the exploration. The most obvious one is to shed what is not needed and create space for new beginnings. There’s a sensibility to the phrase New Year, New You. (but obviously, not limited to this time of year - we can all absolutely begin again any day, any time).

Whether or not you have time to do a ritual, it’s still at least worthwhile to look at the patterns and see what stands out to you…in its own way, this can be a form of divination and alignment.

Armed with the intent, we explore any references available to jog our memories on correspondences. You’ll see here my little notepad. I’ve not written them all down, just what popped out and felt worthwhile to explore. For this exercise, I’ve used Llewelyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences.

moonletter notepad


At a high-level for this lunation, we have Capricorn, January, the New Moon, 2, Sunday.

We can explore the themes in these categories, knowing that whatever occurs to us as most important, is likely so.

Looking at the number 2, immediately I think of the High Priestess and duality or self-reflection. The Devil and Capricorn make a lovely pair for this adventure. The High Priestess holds back the veil and shows us where we may have created the chains to old behaviors.

These two together, are exactly what we need for release and new beginnings. You'll see soon, that we're actually going to use the Devil and the Fool in the ritual, but I'll personally be meditating on the High Priestess for support as I prepare to do my ritual.

Inside the leaf on this notebook page, you'll see I've selected what stood out for me. Even if I don't include them in my ritual, I'll likely gather some Yew and Birch for support and focus in the time before and after the New Moon peaks. Sometimes, working with these allies is as simple as keeping them nearby and keeping your mind open. 

If you don't have access to a book of correspondences, I've listed the bigger themes for you here. Perhaps you can do your own mind map with what pops out for you. 

Capricorn’s correspondences are:

Time: Dec 21/22 - Jan 19/21
Celebration: Winter solstice
Season: Winter
Day: Thursday
Runes: Nyd, Peorth
Energy: Yang
Element: Earth
Tarot: Devil
Chakras, Root, Crown
Colors: black, blue (navy, royal), brown, gray, dark green, indigo, red, violet, white Trees: aspen, birch, cypress, elder, elm, holly, magnolia, mimosa, pine, rowan, spruce, willow, yew
Misc. Plants, cinnamon, patchouli

January’s correspondences are:

Names: cold, ice, winter, wolf
Colors: Gray, purple, white
Magical: Brownies (this makes me giggle)
Gemstones and minerals: garnet, moonstone, rose quartz, ruby, tourmaline Issues, intentions, and powers: beginnings healing, money, protection, strength.

New Moon’s Correspondences are:

Color: black
Plant: wormwood, vervain
Bird: Hark
Mythical creatures: dragon
Chakras: crown, heart
Issues, intentions, and powers: beauty, beginnings, darkness, destruction, divination, illumination, improvement, loneliness, magic, optimism, rebirth/renewal, relationships, self-work, stability, wellbeing, wisdom.

This ritual was my contribution to Anthony's Capricorn issue of the Astro Edit. Which, I'll add - is JAM PACKED with goodness.  If you haven't grabbed an issue, you definitely should!  There's still lots of goodness and time to explore while we are in Cap season. 

capricorn season issue of the astro edit

New Moon, New Year, New You Ritual

Together in the forest, cycles and structures dance... An intertwined harmony that feeds and replenishes. Death and rebirth abound. Out of the trunk of the decaying tree springs forth new life. There’s an order to it all, playing beneath the surface.

A New Moon in Capricorn, during Capricorn season, and peaking just after the beginning of the new calendar year... it begs us to build something new—recreating. Releasing the chains and rising anew... There’s a poetic juxtaposition happening here with the Devil and the Fool, not just in the timing of the correspondences (noted in the New Moon breakdown), but also in their mechanics of telling our story.

The Devil asks us to examine our self-imposed limitations, to acknowledge our excesses and our perceptions of scarcity. Where have we played these tricks on ourselves? Where, in the last year, did we shackle ourselves needlessly?

And the Fool, the delightfully fresh perspective, ready to take that leap into something new. The Fool is just innocent enough to take the necessary step off the cliff to allow transformation to truly happen. The Fool... is the Hero.

May we each be the Fool for this Moon. This ritual is meant to take the transformative and leaf-turning energy of this New Moon and give rise to something new. Perhaps, in the end, it’s more of a Death card transmutation moment—but to me, at least, this is exactly what happens when the Devil meets the Fool.. How it plays out for you is really up to you.

A few pieces of paper (at least 2 smaller size and 1-2 loose-leaf type sheets) Writing implement
A pea-size drop of paint
A pointed implement, like a chopstick, needle, quill, or toothpick - or fine paintbrush
A fire-safe dish (and requisite fire safety & common sense)
A lighter
Devil and Fool cards from your favorite deck, or related images
A small candle
A bit of water
A small dish and spoon (or palette knife, if you have one)
Use your favorite mood-setting methods to get into the Ritual headspace.

Light your candle and settle in.

Optional, but recommended: Use the Tarot spreads from the New Moon Breakdown in the AstroEdit to kickstart the frame of mind for this ritual.

Directions: Take the meditations on the two Tarot cards above and craft a small tale for yourself. A mini-history of the past year. Reflect on the past year and the ways that the Devil energy impacted you.

Note what you most want to release from this reflection. What behaviors would you most like to change? When you have a clear idea of what you would like to change and release, craft this into 1-2 sentences.

You could frame the statements something like: “I am breaking the chains of my perception of self-worth. I free myself, and know that I am enough.”

Play with it. Be assertive in your statements. Try on some power words that perhaps you don’t often use. Write these releasing, chain-breaking statements on one of the smaller sheets of paper.

If you can, begin to build the image of releasing the chains in your mind. If you have a smoke wand or favorite incense, this is a good time to light it.

With your fire-safe vessel at hand, use your candle to set fire to the release note. If you have tweezers or tongs, use them to keep your hands safe. Capture as much of the ash in your vessel as you can, and burn up as much of the paper as you can.

Carefully gather the ash once it’s cooled and place in the small bowl. Add 2-3 drops of water to the bowl with the ash.

Use the back side of the spoon to blend out the ash and make sure it’s all broken down into a smooth paste. Add your pea-drop of ink or paint and add it in.

Use a counter-clockwise motion to blend the ink and ash together — continue releasing.

Keep stirring, but begin using S or figure-8 shapes and think of what you want to leap toward with the new freedom.

What foundation of intent do you want to shift this release into? What is a word that represents this energy that you want to create?

As you get the word or small phrase shaped in your mind, begin stirring clockwise and infuse this intent into the ink. Using your pointy object dipped into the ink, write your word or phrase on one of the small pieces of paper.

Repeat the word or phrase, and hold this space for as long as you’d like.

From the ashes of your chains, you create a new adventure.

The power of your will and heart lay the foundations for this New Moon, for this New Year, for this New You… Springing forth from your cocoon.

You are renewed.

You are powerful.

Keep the paper nearby as a reminder, for as long as you need. You can burn it or bury it once you are ready and the intent feels ingrained or manifested.


Bonus Tarot Spreads

If you'd like to continue the adventure, and really lean in to writing your likely tale, please enjoy this tarot spread from the Tarot Spreads eBook


the fool's check in tarot spread likely tarot


Well friends, I hope this Moonletter has found you well.  Here's to new things in the new year, to staying in your power, and to honing your intuition. 

Be the powerful being you are. 

Blessings to all. 

- Kate 

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