New Moonletter October, 2021

New Moonletter October, 2021

Maybe you've been feeling the importance of this new moon.


Perhaps even seeing its effects over the last couple of days. It's been stirring up within me since the weekend. A tiny ripple that's turned into an echo.

We talk about the thinning of the veil at this time of year, where skipping into liminal spaces becomes a little easier. The voices of our guides and ancestors are easier to hear. Lately, many conversations have been wound with feelings of being a little disconnected-- from ourselves, each other, and our power.

So, it seems fitting to share a Moonletter that seeks to help us call our power back. I don't want to be prescriptive here; instead, offering some things to think about as we step into the dark moon.

The New Moon, or the Dark Moon, is the perfect time for intention-setting rituals - and what better intention than to call back our power. To bring ourselves back into an integrated state. As we journey back to the dark time of the year here in the northern hemisphere, resolutely bringing our three selves together as we enter the shadow is the kind of healing work I'd argue we likely all need a bit of.


Returning to the three selves. 


Unification of the three selves is an integral part of sitting in our power. It's honoring the totality of our being and syncing them together. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of the three selves, it's the idea that there is the Lower Self, Middle Self, and Higher Self. These concepts also often appear in psychology studies and story theory.

Cyndi Brannen, in her book, "Keeping Her Keys," offers a beautiful explanation of the three selves, which I'm paraphrasing for brevity here:

The Lower Self is the root. Its energy center is the pelvis-- our emotions. "You can think of our emotions as roots that extend down into the soil of the Under World, pulling up the nutrients necessary to fuel both our actions and our intellect."

The Higher Self is our intellect, our thoughts. "If our Lower Self energy gives us roots into the earth, then our Higher Self is our branches reaching up to the heavens. This is the realm of thoughts. Our thoughts are the one part of our human skill set that we truly have dominion over. No matter what the situation, we can change our thoughts to better manage what's going on."

The Middle self, where our actions take shape. "If our Lower Self energy gives us roots into the earth, then our Higher Self is our branches reaching up to the heavens. This is the realm of thoughts. Our thoughts are the one part of our human skill set that we truly have dominion over. No matter what the situation, we can change our thoughts to better manage what's going on." The middle self is the action that arises from the state of our higher and lower selves. It is the overlap in the Venn diagram. When we speak of calling our power back, it's essential to consider the impact of calling our power to all three of our selves.

When one of the selves is out of whack, it has a ripple effect on the other two. Along our healing journeys, incorporating work that centers on each and all three together is essential. It is these parts that make up the whole of the true self. And while this changes many times in our lives, healing and nurturing this space is the most critical work to undertake.

So this new moon, I invite you to create space for your three selves. To take the time to tune in to them. To hear and be heard. Hold space for the three selves to tune in to what they need.

And invite them to unify.

Call your power back to them.


Plant Allies

Meditating on the herbs of use for this moon, three come to mind.

Geranium, sitting at the edge of where the Empress and Emperor meet. In the Likely Tarot, Geranium is the Emperor's primary plant. But it sits along the Empress's edge when you lay the cards down together. Geranium is the plant of strength in love. Where rose might be an offering of love, geranium is the resolute nature of love, bringing with it a determination that feels like the perfect bridge between the divine feminine and masculine. Firm yet delicate, it is the delicate flower that helps open the heart to love and acceptance. It holds the space you need and lessens anxiety.

Yarrow - always comes to mind when thinking of acts of healing that require courage. Calling our power back is an act of courage in itself. It is acknowledging our inherent worthiness and welcoming this back into our beings. It also brings a sense of peace, protection, and healing. Yarrow and geranium together are both watery, Venus, feminine energy plants. So to this mix, we should add Basil.

Basil is a plant of fire, Mars, and the masculine. Basil is the great healer, though this meaning is often ascribed to Tulsi, or Holy Basil. It brings with it banishing, protection, happiness, and peace. As we welcome healing and integration, Basil supports the release of all that no longer serves. Wrapping us in its warmth, its deep yet uplifting scent.

As the final harvest is winding down here where I live, there are still some trailing amounts of all three of these in my garden. For my ritual bath tomorrow, I'll be adding a small handful of each to the water, distilled first in some boiling water for ten minutes. Then poured into the bath, flowers and all. (As all three are skin safe).

I invite you to find what speaks to you for this new moon.

Create the time to take care of yourself and give loving attention to your three selves. Hold them with gentle attention and attune to their needs. Call your power back to the center of your integrated being.

Plant the seeds of powerful intention and know that you, sweet human - are worthy of all your dreams.

Go, become the author of your Likely Tale.


I hope you find this helpful on your journey - please let me know in the comments! 

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Hi Christina! Thank you for the comment and the time, I’m glad you appreciate the posts.

The picture, you are correct, is of the Pelargonium × hortorum species specifically from the Pelargonium Genus.

Where Pelargonium are in the same Family and Order as True Geranium, and are commonly called Gernaium, I consider their allyship to be the same. True Geranium being a bit more hardy carries more of the Emperor-like qualities (in my mind). But I believe the lore is vastly overlapping, if not completely the same. There are about 830 species in the family divided into around 7 genera.

It’s not dissimilar from Yarrow – which also has about 85 specific species used in the same way medicinally, and even more species in the broader family.

Where I’m not ascribing specific uses (use X amount in this tincture), but more energetic allyship – there are many places where we can work with broader families. A big exception to this would be the Asteraceae family – where there are well-documented and thoughtful differences (Tansy to Daisy to Chamomile, as an example. Though we’ll find massive overlaps in their magical/energetic lore)

Hope this makes sense and helps!


First, I love and value your posts🥰. I’ve a question about the geranium you mentioned as a plant ally for this period, along with yarrow and basil. The plant pictured, commonly called geranium, is actually pelargonium (which you probably know). The true geranium is an entirely different plant from a different family. I’m wondering if the lore ascribed to geranium actually belongs this latter plant. Thank you!

Christina Cathcart

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