July 2021 New Moonletter

July 2021 New Moonletter

Welcome back to the Moonletters!

These have been sporadic at best, but a goal nonetheless.  I hope you’ve all been well! 

Let’s dive in shall we? 

This July new moon feels like the right time to dig back into our correspondence explorations. 

Why should Full moons get all the glory? 

Generally speaking, new moons are a great time to explore issues and intentions surrounding beauty, beginnings, divination, improvement, night magic, rebirth or renewal, self or shadow work, well-being, and wisdom.  It’s no short order.
Simply put, they are a great time to give ourselves permission to begin a new cycle. We plant the seeds of new intentions here and nurture them as we build up to the full moon.

Meditation and journaling rituals are especially helpful during these times. Our goals should be to re-align with our inner selves. 

This moon falls in Cancer, and this makes it a particularly powerful time to nourish yourself with healthy meals, and flow with watery energies. I won’t go much into this, but highly recommend checking out my dear friend Anthony’s content on the Astrological correspondences here, and invite you to check out his amazing Miniscopes.

AstroEdit Cancer Issue

(Not to mention the incredible AstroEdit zine - this is some seriously gorgeous content - packed with value this wee blog post can’t cover. Speaking of new moons and the AstroEdit, definitely check out the upcoming issue for a Blue Moon ritual from yours truly) 


As we build up to the July full moon, it’s perhaps important to take a peek ahead, thinking of the correspondences that are coming up. 

The mead moon calls us to dreamwork, magic - and most importantly, our purpose and strength. So here in this new moon, it benefits us to consider what we might be holding on to that we ought to release in order to fulfill our needs in these areas.  

What do we need to release this new moon, to clear the field and plant the seeds of intention that see us stepping into our purpose and power? 

How might we lean into this? 

Let’s explore:

Carnelian stands out as stone correspondence for this particular new moon. Carnelian connects not only to the July Moons, to the new moon, but also Cancer.  

Carnelian Stone


Its solar connections lie in Earth, Mercury, Saturn, the Sun, and Venus. And though its favorite celebration is Samhain, its element is Fire, and leans into the Goddess Isis. 

Isis’ birthday celebration happens to be July 17th, so calling forth these connections seems appropriate at this time.  But more on this in a moment. 

Key intentions with carnelian are the astral realm, communication, focus, confidence, courage, creativity, self-respect, self-work, rebirth and renewal, well-being, and wisdom. 

Ah we are approaching a rhythm here. 

Isis is the Egyptian goddess of the Moon. She was considered to be one of the most powerful goddesses, as she has learned Ra’s true name from God himself.& Her symbols have included the Ankh, her wings, and her headdress. 

Isis was said to have great powers of healing, protection, and magic

She is often called upon to assist with the need for protection (of yourself or your kingdom), healing, fertility, finding your true purpose, &or manifesting your dreams. 

Between this new moon and the full moon, with Isis’ birthday celebration falling in the middle, it feels the perfect time to lean into these intentions and conceptions. 

Pulling from the color correspondences of this month’s moons, the intentions that best suit us for the strengths of this cycle - we come to our ideal plant ally. 


Yarrow. One of my personal favorites! Yarrow comes in many forms and colors, but the common yellow flowers and green leaves are the perfect color match for where we are. 

Yarrow is also known as Arrowroot, bloodwort, and thousand leaf. As an Air and Water elemental plant, it’s a good balancer for the extra fire energy of this moon. Venus is its ruler, which is perfect for our Friday timing. 

Most importantly, the intentions or powers of this plant align with the direction we are taking here.  Primarily, it encourages courage, healing, love, power, protection, and spiritual purification. It’s well known for release as well, and again, well-being.

It is a plant of growth, guidance, and healing. So while it may not be directly or fully correspondent - it speaks out as the plant ally that we need to accomplish our missions this full moon. 

Finally, being a fiery moon in a watery sign, we need to acknowledge the Tarot correspondence here. Wands are our suit of choice, with the High Priestess as our Cancerian focal card. 

Suggested tarot spread

inspired by spreads included in the Likely Tarot Kickstarter rewards.

Shuffle your deck, focusing on the ways in which you would like to align with your purpose and strength. When you feel ready, set the deck down and begin flipping the cards until you locate the High Priestess. 

Set the High Priestess to the left, and continue flipping until you happen across two wands. 

1st wand: What do I need to release to align with my purpose? 

2nd wand: Where do I need to focus my attention to find my momentum? 

Wands are action-oriented. Look for the messages of confidence, inspiration, and honesty--  you need to align your motivation and power toward your goals during this summer season. Check-in with the balance between conscious and subconscious. 

Likely Tarot Deck

For an extra punch, try this spread after checking out the upcoming bath soak from The Magick Makers that includes yarrow.

The Magick Makers Bath Soaks

And if you want to dive deeper into a community & content that is perfectly correspondent to the witchy path, and created by an amazing human being, be sure to follow Erin on Instagram. Her Patreon launches on the 9th, and I personally intend to be one of the first patrons! It was built for folks just like us. 

Thank you so much for being here!

I hope you enjoyed the Moonletter - looking forward to the next one.  If there's anything you'd like to see in future Moonletters, leave a comment below 🖤

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