January 2021 Moonletter

January 2021 Moonletter

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Hello, 2021. 

Our first full moon of the year feels momentous, in the tiniest of ways. 

The January moon or the Wolf moon (or cold, winter or ice moon depending on your flavour of tradition) is happening so late in the month, it's cusping itself into correspondences for February. This full moon will peak on January 28th at 2:16pm - and is just a couple short days before Imbolc on February 1st.

We can think of it as an opportunity to bring the two moons together, shifting from one foot to the other, combining them together. Interestingly, sometimes the February moon is called the Wolf moon, though especially in my neck of the world, we think of it as the Snow Moon. 

Wolf Moon Art Print

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The wolf moon tells the story of long cold nights, howling into the sky, letting our communities know that while we are resting and recuperating, we are still here. Our hunger grows, and we are beginning to turn the corner toward the season of growth.

For now, we continue our rest, our introspection, and the celebration of our hearth and inner worlds.

Gray, purple, and white are our very fitting colour correspondences for this moon. As twilight fades into night and the light of the moon casts along the snow, and we allow our eyes to rest - these colours abound. 

Moonstone, always being associated with the moon, feels even more appropriate in these deep-winter moons, especially with its colour casting.

A moon of beginnings, healing, money, protection and strength - this moon is about those foundations that lift us up. As it's so late in the month, we can bring some of February's properties in empowerment, fertility, and considering the astral realm. 

It's the perfect time to do some restful journalling, get clear on what we want and where we want to go - and grow. Setting the direction as the fertile months of spring are just around the corner. The time for planting and nourishing begins its approach.  

Get clear on our direction now, and under the February moon, we'll banish all that no longer serves, purifying our intents and spaces, clearing the way for all the spring work to do in March. We are at the halfway point between winter and spring equinoxes, and so it is time to set intentions for what we would like to grow. In the spirit of reflective meditation, we can begin to steer the ship. Take up the reins of the Chariot and consider how we might build a balance between rest and growth. 

If you decide to do a journaling exercise, consider adding in a few moments of gratitude writing. In four days, it will be time to light our candles (or a fire) for Imbolc and celebrate the blessings of hearth and home. In whatever way you can, spend a moment appreciating the gifts that home can provide, the warmth and shelter, a place to rest - whatever comes to mind here.

What goes really well with a little journalling for the full moon?  

A cup of tea. 

For this one, I decided to use my Oracle deck prototype (more on this later) - and see what kind of magick we can bring together. 

Goodness, it delivered well.  Not all of the plants in the Oracle deck are edible, so these 4 popping out was perfectly serendipitous, and exactly the sentiment I had in mind. 

The Likely Herbarium, The Likely Oracle, wolf moon tea


Success and Courage Tea.

 Makes 1-2 cups

1 tsp of yarrow
1 short cinnamon stick
1 tsp of lemon balm
1 tsp of dried or fresh ginger pieces
(use a pinch if dried and ground)

Steep for at least 5-10 minutes and stir well to encourage all the good bits to come out. 

Ginger and cinnamon are powerful success agents; one offers a fiery punch, the other lends a sweetness. Yarrow is here to support courage and healing that we might be able to move forward with strength. Lemon balm is also a soul-soothing, brightening the spirits, offering comfort and further promoting success. 

This is the perfect tea for setting intentions for the upcoming year and seasons of growth—comfort and support for our journalling under the full moon. 


Wolf Moon Mini Ritual

Make a cup of the above tea, grab something to write on and a pen. 

Sit and center yourself in any space that feels calm or safe. 

Write for 5 minutes. Look to explore your intentions and directions. Imagine these captured intentions sprouting and coming to life in the spring. Name what you've been grateful for during the winter. 

Sip on your tea and reflect. Try to focus your intention and attention on what you do want. Other thoughts and feelings will bubble up, and that's ok. Just gently turn your attention back to your forward motion. Allow the tea to fuel the success of your intentions.

Opinions will differ on this, but I prefer to use as much of my plants as possible, so if you feel called to, here is something to continue the ritual. 

As I finish my tea, I like to draw a bath, throwing in the tea's steeped herbs. Drinking the tea brings the intent to my inner world; adding the herbs into the bath helps turn attention toward the outer world. As within, so without. As the tub fills, I imagine it filling with my intentions set in the journaling exercise. 

This also works in the shower, let the tea bag sit on the shower floor and act as a steam. 

Try to get clear images of what your successful intentions look, feel, sound, and maybe even taste like.  

When you're ready, release what no longer serves as you drain the tub (or if in the shower, allow it to drain as it comes up, washing away with the water. 

Now take your successful self and do something fun!

magick makers own your magick challenge
 If you want to take this even further, my powerful friend over at The Magick Makers has a wonderful challenge going on. It's a multi-day multi-prompt deep dive.

 Click the image to go right to the challenge, or check out their instagram for more info! 


Oracle Deck Prototype & Kickstarter

Oracle Deck Backs

The Likely Oracle will be relaunching on Kickstarter soon! The launch date is not yet set in stone, as I'm getting some boring (accounting) stuff out of the way and polishing a few more things before the relaunch.  I'll be posting more about it as I knock some of these tasks off, but keep your eyes open between the new moon in February and the new moon in March 🖤

With your fantastic feedback, support, and help, I've learned so much - and am getting so excited!

In between now and then, I'll be working with the prototype deck and refining some details to really let the spirit of the deck shine.  

Can't wait to share the even-better deck with everyone. 

Thank you so much for being here, and happy full moon to you all! 




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Loving this Moonletter, looking forward to more & the release of the Oracle Deck :)


I really enjoyed my first moonletter!
And am so looking forward to a very successful campaign for the Likely Oracle 💖

Jennifer Wilson

I really enjoyed my first moonletter!
And am so looking forward to a very successful campaign for the Likely Oracle 💖

Jennifer Wilson

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