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Full Moonletter - August 2021

The Releasing Blue Sturgeon Moon.

This full moon feels even more special than usual. Being a seasonal blue moon - both astrologically, and in the season proper. - There are two astronomical definitions, “one is older and one is newer. Under the old definition, if four full moons (instead of three) occurred during one season, such as this spring, the third full moon would be called a "blue moon."”

Perhaps, having this land in the dog days of summer, as we (in the Northern Hemisphere) are getting ready for the cooler evenings, riding the cusp of being ready for the fall weather, but not quite ready to release the brightness of summer…

We are reminded that release is actually necessary.

This moon is the perfect time for release work. Since this moonletter is sliding in just before the full moon’s peak at 8:01 am Eastern - I have a simple but powerful ritual to share with you.

leo edition of the astro edit

An absolutely gorgeous version of this ritual appeared in Anthony from AP Astrology’s Leo Edition of the AstroEdit Zine. Since we’ll be sliding into Virgo season right after this full moon, you should pop on over and grab yourself a copy of the newest AstroEdit (it’s chock full of goodness, recipes, rituals, journal prompts, tarot spreads, and delightful souls)

blue moon ritual - for releasing and claiming space

Blue Moon Ritual - Claiming Your Place

You will need: Favorite Soap, Favorite Towel, Pocket-sized Stone

And some quiet time in your bathroom.

Burning rituals (like the one from the first Full Moon) are a great way to release so many things. They're certainly a personal favorite of mine. However, this Blue Moon calls for something a bit more intimate.

Having burned away what's been holding us back and letting it be gone with the wind during the first Full Moon, this time for release allows us to step into our place. A seizing of the moment.

Now, it should also be noted, I’m a big fan of baths for rituals - but this Moon asks us to be a bit more active. If you’ve journaled or left yourself notes from the previous lunations, you may want to revisit them briefly before stepping into the shower.

So, armed with a favorite soap, our favorite towel, we hop into the shower.

If you like, set a favourite pocket-sized stone on the counter for after the shower - moonstone, carnelian, or garnet would be great for this.  Ideally, the soap you use should have notes that are both soothing and uplifting - like lavender and lemon. If not, whatever puts you into a calm, but bright, space is ideal.

Step into the water stream, and as soon as you are able to, begin to imagine all that no longer serves you flowing away with the water.

Starting from the top of your head, and patiently working your way to the tips of your toes, lather the soap.

Here, you can imagine everything that needs to release bubbling to the surface, and allowing it to flow away with the water. Our goal here is to open the heart, and soften ourselves.

To flow. Like the water.

If there are moments of uncertainty, or gentle discomfort, pause and remind yourself: “I am claiming my place” Repeat from the top if needed.

Once you are feeling like you are in a steady state (sometimes it can take a while!), give a final rinse and step out. We are looking for the feeling of an open chest and heart, and the head feels lighter - like it’s easier to stand a little taller. In whatever way is comfortable, stand in front of the mirror.

It can be odd at first, so be gentle and patient with yourself. If you chose to bring a stone, hold it in your hand throughout the exercise. Stare into your own eyes.

Soften your gaze just a bit, if needed, but stay centered on your eyes.

Repeat “I am claiming my place” as many times as needed, contextualizing it as necessary.

As the repetition begins to ring true, add layers. Be specific.

What are you claiming your place for?
What actions will you take with it?

As often happens, counterpoints may bubble up. If they do, remember the sensation of water, and allow them to wash away. Remember the goal is to flow like the water. Stand tall in the current. You are claiming your place.

Again, once the heart is open, and the head a bit lighter, you can release your gaze. Often, after completing this, I like to step outside and lay in the grass, staring into the sky - lingering in the liminal space between being firmly grounded, and reaching for the stars. Claiming my place in the universe.

If you want to be especially diligent with this ritual, write a morning reminder for yourself over the next few days - all the reasons you are claiming your place, and what you’re doing with it. Carry the stone with you, and call on it to reconnect with claiming your space as needed. Hold your head up high in your power.

Let me know in the comments if you do the ritual, and share your thoughts!

hibiscus page from the Likely Herbarium

While we are here, it wouldn’t be a moonletter without a little correspondence chat. While perhaps the plant I feel called to share isn’t the most directly correspondent choice, it feels important to highlight this love.

Hibiscus has been on my mind a lot lately. It could be because my Hibiscus plants have been sharing their blooms so profusely the last few weeks… But perhaps more importantly, it’s the plant of love and divination.

The lustful properties are spark igniting, highlighting our passions, and fuelling our hearts fires.


Properties: love, lust, divination
Other names: shoeflower, tulipan, graxa, rosemallow, rose of sharon
Family: Malvaceae
Tribe: Hibisceae
Genus: Hibiscus
Planet: Venus
Element: water
Energy: feminine

There are several hundred species of Hibiscus that are native to warm, temperate, subtropical, and tropical regions throughout the world. For the gardener, there are two common forms of hibiscus, the hardy and the tropical. They require 6-8 hours of direct sun in order to thrive. They require rich soil and can be finicky about the water levels. Not too much, not too little.

It’s best to get to know your individual plant. In most areas, they are easier to grow in containers so you can move them to ideal locations throughout the year.

  • Use in teas, charm bags, burned over charcoal, or as an offering to realize its effects.
  • Meditate in an herbal bath with flowers to encourage visions or insight.
  • Place a sachet under your pillow to encourage vivid dreams.
  • Use in tasseomancy.
  • Teas brewed with the flowers are thought to be very lust-inducing.
  • Place in wreaths for marriage ceremonies.
  • Use in a bowl of water for divination.


Thank you all for being here, I hope you found this moonletter helpful! 🖤

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