February Full Moon Meditations

February Full Moon Meditations

February Snow Moon In Leo

Dancing with the moon across the snow-bright ground, we listen for the sound of seedlings rustling under their weighted snow-crusted cages. Stirrings of what’s to come and what we’ll grow, the moon lighting the way to the longer days ahead.

Leo’s Lion lends their strength to the adventure we undertake as we prepare to burst from our cocoon.

Something about this full moon feels …. Exciting. In the Northern Hemisphere, we are in the depths of winter—but some of us are being teased with warmer days and seeing the sun stick around noticeably longer.

Itching with excitement for possibilities for the new growth season ahead of us, but held still in winter’s grasp. It’s not yet time to come completely out of hibernation. Instead, it’s time to think about what we will bring with us out of our wintery shadows. Plan our gardens and what we’ll plant, of course, both literally and metaphorically.

A few deep inhales of possibility and a few long exhales of release.

What shape shall this adventure take?

Let’s start there with a little meditation and tarot moment. The Fool and The Lovers seem perfect for exploring this part of our tales.

Full Moon Tarot Spread

february full moonletter tarot spread

Here is a little spread to get you started for our ritual.

Find the fool and the lovers in your deck and place them on the top row. Shuffle your deck and think of your growth season adventure. You can begin (and begin again) writing your tale at any time.

We are only one moon cycle away from Ostara and the Spring Equinox. Open your heart and focus further on the Fool and the Lovers. See yourself unfurling your wings from your cocoon – preparing to take your leap. As you emerge you’ll meet the crossroads. You’ll choose the path for your first chapter.

Draw three cards and place them below.

  1. What do I need to bring with me on my adventure?
  2. Where do I need to focus my energy to prepare for this chapter?
  3. What awaits me as I leap?

Spend some time journalling on what you found in the cards.

A full moon visualization for release

The February snow moon is traditionally called the Snow Moon, or Storm Moon. In North America, (or at least the Northern parts of it) usually see the highest snowfall amounts during this month.

Many of us, wrapped in cabin fever – are itching for it to be spring.

But this space of wanting the change, to see the earth again, ready for long days and warm nights… this is the perfect time for planning and goal setting.

Similar to the end of the calendar year, there is a spirit and air of wrapping up the old and selecting the new. If you tend to follow the calendar year – this is the perfect time to double-check those goals and intentions set, to reassess and double-check what needs to be released to get us there.

Dead winter is not the best time for heavy action, instead we want to meditate on, and be clear in our minds where we hope to go. The next new and full moons will be time for a more active ritual.

But for now…. Let’s make some choices in our minds eye.

For the February New Moon, we had a similar bath ritual – focused on the Star and The Fool. We looked to hope and new things. We turned our minds towards the growing days.

Here, we’ll continue this sentiment with the Fool and the Lovers.

February Full Moon Bath Recipe

  • 2 tbsp rosemary
  • 1/4 c mugwort
  • Optional: 1 cup milk

Steep the herbs in 3 cups of boiling water for 10 minutes and add to bath water as you pour the tub. Rosemary for cleansing, purification and power. Mugwort for clarity and vision. Milk for nourishment, and to pull forward the past new moon energy.

Full Moon Meditation

Meditate on their images. Knowing that we are going to leap into our stories and adventures as spring comes closer, we can prepare ourselves for the choices ahead.

Leap forward in time, imagine yourself in the peak of Harvest season. Having grown, flourished, you are there – living your best life. You have blossomed and bore the fruit of your labours.


What does it look like here? What surrounds you? How do you feel? Bring in all your senses. Take a flight of fancy with your imagination and crystallize in your mind's eye what these ideals are.


What choices will you have to make to get there? How can you love and support yourself through the obstacles that may present themselves on the way? How can you call on the support of others to facilitate these dreams?


What have you learned during your winter’s rest? What have you uncovered on your retreat?


What can you express genuine gratitude for—for how you’ve gotten to this point, and for how you might move forward? In what ways can you nurture that gratitude?


When you feel like your flight of imagination is done, return to that place in the peak of harvest. Here’s the most important question.

What do you need to release to be where you want to be?

When you have this clearly in mind,…drain the tub, and release it all.

Stay here until the tub is completely drained. Let it all go. Allow yourself to be present with how it feels to let it all go.

You can easily do this in a bath (recipe to follow), in bed, in the shower, on a walk. Anywhere that you can feel comfortable, relaxed and present.

That said, this exercise is ideal in a bath though – as sitting with the draining tub is a nice little cherry on top. If you choose another space to go through the flight – imagine the draining water, or a waterfall for the release.

When you are done, journal again on the exercise and what came up for you. Note your Harvest vision, as it will be very helpful for the coming New and Full Moons.

Coming soon...

Some of you might note a theme from the last couple moonletters. The Fool’s Journey is coming in strong, and for good reason!

I’ll be building on this more in the next two Moonletters, and setting up to launch a delightful journey for us all. We’ll take ourselves as the Fool on the full Hero’s journey and really dig in to the work of writing our tales.

If you haven’t grabbed a copy of the Full Spreadbook. This is a great time to do so! It comes with over 40 spreads centred on this very concept, taking you through exercises to embrace your inner hero and write your tale. You’ll be able to dig in to some of the unique properties of the Likely Tarot using these spreads, and further develop your intuitive connection with the deck.

As new versions are released, you even get automatic updates - forever and always!

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