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Likely Tale

Ritual Soap

Ritual Soap

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We talk about cleansing our spaces and tools with smoke, sound, air- but what about ourselves? 

This powerful ritual soap is crafted especially to bring a sense of peace, love, and comfort — putting you in the perfect space for your workings. 

A simple ritual of washing hands with intent before something as mundane as journaling, before divination, or to prepare more elaborate work can help bring the results you seek. 

With a lovely, light, and quick fading scent— it won’t take long before you are associating the smell with shaving your intentions.
Crafted with a honey glycerin base, it’s easy on the skin, light foaming and easy rinsing. 

Made with flowers from:

Rose - love, divination, psychic powers, healing, luck, protection
Lavender - purification, peace, protection, happiness
Hibiscus - love and divination

And a few drops of bergamot oil for clarity, meditation, and abundance.

Note: Store unused soap on stain-proof surface as the hibiscus leaves will stain porous materials over time. A sealed ceramic dish or tea plate is perfect! 

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