Living life means creating our stories, actively – not passively. These are the tales of crafting life, from mindfulness and dealing with chronic pain, to taking one thing and making it another.

Enjoy the ride!

This Is Your Brain On Pain

under magnify

Pain is a simple word. But the experience in our brains is not. As my legs were dangling off an exam table in a small, uncomfortable blue room; it occurred to me that the pure experience of pain – really is anything but simple.  I’ve been seeing some specialists and a physiotherapist lately, for a hyper-specific pain I’ve …

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The Fallen Photograph

boy under glass

Your hand, trembling, softens its grip upon the photo. He was a child of intense and serious depth. No more than five years old, his dark eyes matched the deep navy hand knit sweater he was wearing – even at a young age, his stern expression seems to peer into you. You half-heartedly laugh, wiping …

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